Plain scans require only few minutes. 

IV contrast scans of abdomen and pelvis require up to one hour. 

other IV contrast scans also require only a few minutes. 


Routine USG takes few minutes only. 

special tests like anomaly scans of pregnancy and 4D scans may take up to 30 minutes.  


No. You should take medicines as advised by your physician. 

In general 4-6 hours fasting of solid foods is desirable for planned CT scans where IV contrast injection has to be given. Small amounts of liquids can be taken. 

For plain - without injection CT scans no fasting is required. 

Fasting is not always mandatory. Time ranges between NIL to 12 hours. 

Depends on the indication of the USG. for routine 3-4 hours fasting is enough. 

In specific situation like gall bladder examination 12 hours fasting is desirable if possible. 

Diabetic patients should consult their physicians regarding these fasting times.  

Yes. we have created free parking on an adjacent 7500 square feet plot. 

Barring very few complicated cases most of the USG reports are despatched almost instantaneously. 

CT scan reports are also despatched  within few minutes to one hour. Complicated cases, follow up cases, cancer cases require few hours. 

Non emergency evening time reports are usually despatched next morning.   


Whatsapp number for reports - 72762 07031. 

We suggest to communicate on Whatsapp instead of email for quicker response.  

Yes. We are following all norms required at this time. we are reviewing the protocols from time to time and modifying as per prevailing positivity rate at that particular time.